A wearable electronic temperature monitor that brings peace of mind to students, employees, their employers, sports fans and all those who interact with them to feel TAD SAFE.

Temperature Alert Device


Go - back to work, school and start enjoying life again!


How TAD Works

TAD™ will take the wearer's temperature every 15 minutes, showing the temperature for 10 seconds. Once the temperature light goes out, a Green, Amber, or Red indicator light stays illuminated as an indictor visible to those in your close proximity. Should the temperature be elevated to Amber or Red, the wearer will feel a vibration, which serves as an alert. In addition, the wearer's temperature can be taken manually with a simple push of a button!

Caution - Slow down and be alert!


Stop – Potential Issue, better check it out!


Physician Approved Device

“Body temperature is the most commonly used vital sign to identify illness by clinicians across all specialties. Being able to identify early fluctuations in temperature has the potential to save lives and keep those around us safe. With TAD, the most commonly used viral sign is within an arm’s length.”

Dr. Julian Trivino

Board Certified Emergency Physician, Physician Leader

Alerts wearer of body temperature changes to prevent the possible spread of viral or bacterial infections with 15-minute interval and on the spot readings.

White-labeled lightweight band (private label available).

White-labeled Look

Temperature Alerts

Innovative Tech

IPX5 water resistant, Built in USB charger, and Long Battery life (up to 16 hours).

Getting people back together again.

Our mission is to get America going again. Through precautionary measures, TAD provides peace of mind to get back to work, back to school, and back to living -- whether it's eating out or going to a movie, everyone can be TAD Safe.

Are You Ready To STAY GREEN™
For Peace Of Mind?

Identify early changes in temperature and take precautionary steps to stay TAD Safe. TAD is easy to include in any group gathering. 

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Getting People Back Together Again.


Your patrons will be confident of their well-being when you show them you are a TAD SAFE™ facility. Increase the amount of foot traffic into your business with a clear identifier - your focus is on providing a level of safety many others are not!


TAD brings peace of mind back to normal

TAD offers out-of-the-box functionality and customizable features like watchbands and accessories. It's simple design is easy-to-use and affordable for everyone.

When many others are fearful and anxious about the “new normal,” those around you can rest easy with TAD, the “new normal” is more like back to normal. Let’s get America going again.

Peace of Mind

TAD keeps you safe, is easy to wear, and is easy to use. Work, play, exercise and more while TAD measures your temperature for you at regular intervals OR with the push of a button.

Simple and Versatile

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